Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

If there is one celebrity who is marijuana, it’s Snoop Dogg. It’s arguable that D-O-double G smokes more weed than anyone else in this world.

Along with his music, Snoop is known for his love of cannabis. The rapper has always been open about how much he enjoys recreational marijuana and is an outspoken advocate for its use.

But what marijuana strains does Snoop consume on his downtime? He has a few favorites. Girl Scout Cookies top his list!

This strain, otherwise known as GSC for short, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that crosses OG Kush and Durban Poison. This weed has been popular due to the likes of other rappers too like Berner, Jadakiss, Future, It produces potentially euphoric effects that blend nicely with a full-body relaxation. It’s also known to activate your appetite, so be sure to have some munchies next to you, too. This strain is also up there in potency, with a THC level around 19%. Tread lightly!

Snoop prefers relaxing marijuana strains. The strains on his list are either indicas or indica-dominant hybrids. On a medicinal scale, these strains are best for insomnia and pain relief.


Snoop is notable for his love of cannabis and weed culture, and contrary to popular belief, when it comes to his favourite snacks, he tends to go the healthy route to get his munchie fix. Snoop doesn’t reach for ice cream or Taco Bell when he’s feeling peckish, and he tends to stay away from super-sweet treats, like cookies, cakes, and most candy bars. Rather, the rapper tends to choose snacks such as peanuts, grapes, sliced apples and peanut butter, strawberries, pistachios, peanut-flavored M&M’s, and Popchips Nutter Puffs. About his preference for nuts like pistachios, Snoop admitted that he likes “anything nut based ’cause I’m nutty.”

Snoop Dogg’s blunt roller reveals how many joints the rapper smokes per day and how rolling marijuana has become a professional job.

The rapper’s personal roller, reveals that cannabis enthusiast rapper Snoop Dogg smokes up to 150 joints a day and gives insights into how she made rolling joints a professional job.

She revealed that the rapper and cannabis entrepreneur smokes about half a pound of marijuana a day, the equivalent of up to 150 joints, and noted that he rarely goes anywhere without a blunt.


Thats a lot of Weed !


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