Sativa Weed for Sale in Canada Strains of weed: Cannabis sativa is a cannabis plant or cultivar that has light-colored, long, thin leaves that look like fans and can grow as tall of 12 feet. A Swedish botanist, Dr. Carl Linneaus, discover the plant in middle of the 18th century. It is very often believed… Read more

Sativa Weed for Sale in Canada

Strains of weed:

Cannabis sativa is a cannabis plant or cultivar that has light-colored, long, thin leaves that look like fans and can grow as tall of 12 feet. A Swedish botanist, Dr. Carl Linneaus, discover the plant in middle of the 18th century.

It is very often believed that the effects of the cannabis sativa plant can be a pleasant and more uplifting psychoactive experience than its counterpart, the cannabis indica plant. Current research now indicates that Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are actually very similar. Because of their incredibly similar properties, scientists now calcify sativa and indic as one species cannabis known as Cannabis Sativa L.

However, sativa, indica, and a hybrid of the two are still the three-type classification system we use. This classification system will continue to be in use until a better system is developed. Until then, growers, distributors, and consumers will continue to see and use this three-type classification system.

The three-type classification system however makes it difficult for a consumer to know what you are purchasing. Therefore it is important to understand and think carefully about not only whether the strain you are purchasing is indica, sativa, or a hybrid, but to also consider the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids in each strain. This will be explained further below.

Strain types – Inica, Sativa, and Hybrid:

It’s beneficial to know the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains as this will increase your understanding of which strain of weed is best for you.

Indica strains are known for creating calming and relaxing effects and therefore are usually suggested for  people that are looking for certain medical benefits. For example, someone is looking to redue anxiety, help with their depression, or is looking aid in the relief of aches and pains could benefit form the Indica strain of weed.

Opposite to Indica, the Sativa weed strains, are known for their euphoric effects. Sativa weed can provide the consumer with an energy boost.  People that engage in physical, social and creative would therefore benefit from using the Sativa strain. One thing to know is that pure sativa strains are hard to find.

As indicated by it name, a hybrid strain will contain a varying amount and levels of both the Indica and Saitva strains. Therefore the affects of this weed can contain emotions and feelings from both strains to varying degrees.


At Green Horizon we have a wide selection of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains for customers to choose from. However, today we would like to focus on one our strains, Sativa, and it’s sub-strains.

Popular Sativa Sub-Strains:

If you’ve consumed cannabis in the past there is a good chance you know and have heard of some of the following sub-strains of Sativa. However, if you are new to the world of cannabis it may be beneficial to explore some of the various strains in more depth.

Give one of these strains a try the next time you’re shopping at Green Horizon!

The Diablo Strain

Diablo is what is know as AAAA rated sativa weed strain that has a THC range of 16-18%. It is a popular sativa weed strain that is bright green and sticky. It is known for providing large amounts of energy and positive introspection to its users. The high that comes with using Diablo often quickly elevates stress, creating a happy, creative and energetic user.

Due to the positive nature of the high Diablo gives its user we recommend pairing this strain with activities such as mixing socially, creating art, and listening to music.

The flavours of Diablo can range from citrus to spicy and/or sweet.

The Jack Herer Strain; also known as JH, The Jack, Premium Jack

The Jack Herer strain can produce many different and varied effects. Therefore, it is possible to try a certain type of Jack Herer and then try another type and have completely different experiences.

This strain sativa is very popular and was created in the 1990s in the Netherlands. It has also won several awards.

The Durban Poison Strain

With a sweet and woodsy scent the Durban Poison strain of Sativa is popular with people that love an earthy soil scented flower.  you’ll enjoy Durban Poison.

Durban has resin glands, which therefore make it a good strain to choose in concentrate form. Due to the considerable size of the buds, they also posses a great coating of trichomes on them.

Green Crack or Mango Crack, Green Crush:

Because of the pleasant citrus flavour and aroma of this lovely green flower it is a delight to consume.

Super Silver Haze aka SSH:

The Super Silver Haze strain has been awarded a first prize winner three-times.

It also has a strong citrus flavour and the sticky buds are rich in the myrcene terpene. It was created by crossing the popular strains Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze.

Candyland aka Kandyland:

The beautiful multi-colour bud of this strain is where it gets its name, Candyland. The buds contain a thick layer of trichomes and are tightly packed giving a sort of camouflage look.

Not only does Candyland get is name from it’s beautifully coloured buds but also because of its sweet flavour making it a fun looking and pleasant tasting flower to have on hand.

How to use:

Sativa can be consumed the same ways that any marijuana product can. It can be found in flower form, edibles, concentrates, beverages, oils, tinctures and many more.

Please note that you as move away from the actual cannabis flower form to varieties such as a cannabis beverage, they may loss their classifications of the various strains sativa, indica, or hybrid. The reason for this may be due to the fact as these products are produced they begin to only contain specific cannabinoids, like THC isolate.

Is Sativa Right for Me?

It is recommended that if you would like to get to know all that saliva, and the various strains, have to offer such as the cannabiniods, terpenes, and different flavours you should explore the various different strains and flower consumption methods.

Only you know the answer to the question what is right for you. As always, the first thing to do is do some research. We at Green Horizon have all of our products listed online, making it easy for you to search through strains and consumer feedback to find a few you would like to try.

We love getting emails from our customers with questions would will endeavor to answer. There is also a live chat feature that will connect you with one of our experts who are on standby to, and who are more than willing, to help you your journey of exploration. We more understand that this can sometimes be a slightly overwhelming task and some people may get nervous at the process. This is why are experts are here to help you make the best decision for yourself. Happy exploring!

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