Hybrid Cannabis and Inica, and Sativa: It’s beneficial to know the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains as this will increase your understanding of which strain of weed is best for you. Indica strains are known for creating calming and relaxing effects and therefore are usually suggested for  people that are looking for certain medical… Read more

Hybrid Cannabis and Inica, and Sativa:

It’s beneficial to know the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains as this will increase your understanding of which strain of weed is best for you.

Indica strains are known for creating calming and relaxing effects and therefore are usually suggested for  people that are looking for certain medical benefits. For example, someone is looking to redue anxiety, help with their depression, or is looking aid in the relief of aches and pains could benefit form the Indica strain of weed.

Opposite to Indica, the Sativa weed strains, are known for their euphoric effects. Sativa weed can provide the consumer with an energy boost.  People that engage in physical, social and creative would therefore benefit from using the Sativa strain. One thing to know is that pure sativa strains are hard to find.

As indicated by it name, a hybrid strain will contain a varying amount and levels of both the Indica and Saitva strains. Therefore the affects of this weed can contain emotions and feelings from both strains to varying degrees.

Hybrid cannabis plants can have a variety of characteristics simply because they are a combination of Indica and Satvia strains. They can have tall stems with bushy leaves, or shorter stems with thin leaves.

Current research now indicates that Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are actually very similar. Because of their incredibly similar properties, scientists now calcify Indica and Sativa as one species cannabis known as Cannabis Sativa L.

However, the reason these strains are still identified as different from one another is because of the different each strain possess which can be attributed a variety of other influences on their growth. For example, the surrounding environment, the growing conditions, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Sativa, Indica, and a hybrid of the two are still the three-type classification system we use. This classification system will continue to be in use until a better system is developed. Until then, growers, distributors, and consumers will continue to see and use this three-type classification system.

The three-type classification system however makes it difficult for a consumer to know what you are purchasing. Therefore it is important to understand and think carefully about not only whether the strain you are purchasing is indica, sativa, or a hybrid, but to also consider the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids in each strain. This will be explained further below.

Everyone experiences cannabis in a different and unique way so it is crucial  to explore which kind of flower is right for you. The important thing to remember is start out slow, with lower does, and go from there. You can always build to a strong dose but you can not take away if too much is taken. Also important when exploring a variety of different types of cannabis is to understand the difference between these three strains.

Hybrid – Whats the difference?

Since we know that the Hybrid strain of cannabis is a combination between various strains; what does this mean? Basically, this means that Hybrid cannabis is not that different when it comes the effect you may experience as it is very similar to Indica and Sativa. However, since it is a mix of the two different strains and can have different effects depending on the person.

Green Horizon has a large selection of hybrid weed strains. Actually, for the most part a large majority of weeds are intact a hybrid strain. Because of this we can not discuss all hybrid strains we sell. However, we would like to share some facts and tips on our Wedding Cake strains in this article. The next time you’re looking for a new hybrid weed to try out, perhaps consider a few of these sweet treats.

The availability of each strain depends on a variety of factors, so don’t be afraid to ask us at Green Horizon about a couple of different hybrid marijuana strains on the site. Green Horizon cannabis experts can help you find the right strain for you.

Wedding Cake Bubba

Wedding Cake Bubba has a concentration of 20% THC and is cross between Bubba Kush and Wedding.

This Hybrid strain has an earthy, hashy flavour while still carrying notes of sweetness. It has a dense, resinous buds that give the user a high that will carry it’s high for hours.

This hybrid strain is Indica dominant, therefore we recommend enjoying a movie night with a friend with some delicious take out food.

Ghost Wedding Cake

This hybrid strain is a mix between Ghost OG and Wedding Cake. It holds a concentration of 19-23% THC.

Ghost Wedding Cake has a thick flour like aroma, similar to baking bread, and is known for having a large amount of of hash and sweetness.

The buds of the Ghost Wedding Cake plant are dark and is covered in broad-leaved indica foliage. Like a true hybrid weed mix though, this strain’s effects are euphoric and uplifting, making this the perfect pair with activities like creating art and socializing at a party.

Nitro Wedding Cake

Nitro Wedding Cake Hybrid is a cross between Gasmask and Wedding Cake with a 15-23% THC concentration.

As it’s name indicates, this cannabis has a strong aroma that is earthy and soil like, with gassy but fruity notes. However, the taste is slightly sweet.

This hybrid weed brings an uplifting and calming high that encourages a creative energy boost, making this a great strain for using before letting your juices lose.

How to use:

Hybrid cannabis strains can be consumed the same ways that any marijuana product can. It can be found in flower form, used tot vape, edibles, concentrates, beverages, oils, tinctures and many more.

Please note that you as move away from the actual cannabis flower form to varieties such as a cannabis beverage, they may loss their classifications of the various strains sativa, indica, or hybrid. The reason for this may be due to the fact as these products are produced they begin to only contain specific cannabinoids, like THC isolate.

Is a Hybrid Right For Me?

It is recommended that if you would like to get to know all that Hybrids, and the various strains, have to offer such as the cannabiniods, terpenes, and different flavours you should explore the various different strains and flower consumption methods.

Only you know the answer to the question what is right for you. As always, the first thing to do is do some research. We at Green Horizon have all of our products listed online, making it easy for you to search through strains and consumer feedback to find a few you would like to try.

We love getting emails from our customers with questions would will endeavour to answer. There is also a live chat feature that will connect you with one of our experts who are on standby to, and who are more than willing, to help you your journey of exploration. We more understand that this can sometimes be a slightly overwhelming task and some people may get nervous at the process. This is why are experts are here to help you make the best decision for yourself.

As always, start slow and with a low dose. This will ensure you have the best experience with your cannabis product. Happy shopping!

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