How To Ghost Vape

how to ghost vape

How To Ghost Vape

If you are new to vaping, then this ghost vaping skill is something you will want to master. If you are just learning how to vape, get used to it before you try this technique.

Learn how to ghost vape with us.


How to Ghost Vape

1. Use the Right Inhaling Technique

Proper inhaling is essential for mastering ghosting and other vaping tricks. Your success largely depends on this critical component.

If you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping, you may have noticed that vaping feels different. This is because smoking typically involves a mouth hit, whereas vaping often consists of a lung hit, known as the direct-to-lung method.

For those who have never smoked, direct lung vaping can be likened to drinking through a straw – the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs. However, to perform the ghost trick, you’ll need to take a mouth hit instead, holding the vape in your mouth rather than inhaling it into your lungs. This technique helps you achieve a ball shape when exhaling, which can be easily pulled back.

2. Hold the Vapor in Your Mouth

Holding the vapor in your mouth for two to three seconds will give it time to shape into the dense ball you need for the ghost to work. You should not hold the vapor in your mouth for longer than five seconds.

3. Exhale the vapor

When you exhale vapor, it typically comes out in a cloud. However, to perform the ghosting trick successfully, you must pay close attention to how you exhale to create a bigger, more substantial vapor cloud.

The way you hold your mouth when exhaling vapor is crucial. You need to shape your mouth into a tight O shape before exhaling. The tighter you make the O shape, the better your vapor cloud will be.

As you exhale, release the vapor slowly, using your tongue to push it out of your mouth. Pushing with your tongue helps the vapor maintain its shape rather than dissipating into a random cloud.

4. The force of your exhale is important

The effectiveness of your ghost trick also relies on the amount of pressure you apply with your tongue. The more pressure you use, the farther the vapor cloud will travel. However, a gentle tongue push is preferable for this trick as it keeps the vapor cloud closer to your face.

Using your tongue, you can also adjust the density of the cloud. A soft flick of your tongue will create a compact, solid-looking cloud. On the other hand, a more forceful flick will produce a larger, more expansive vapor cloud. A denser cloud is needed for this vaping trick as it is easier to capture and appears more polished.

5. Inhale again right away

After releasing the vapor cloud or ghost, the next step is to inhale again to capture it. To achieve this part of the trick, the shape of your lips plays a crucial role. Rather than making an O shape, you need to shape your lips outward and away from each other. This lip shape will assist in capturing the ghost more effectively.

By adjusting the size of your mouth opening, you can also modify the speed of capturing the ghost. If you prefer to capture it quickly, open your mouth wide to inhale faster. Conversely, a smaller opening will enable you to slow down the inhale.


How to Ghost Vape: Tips

  • Consistent practice is key to mastering the ghost trick, as the ability to perform it well comes from experience and repetition.
  • Slow and controlled movements are crucial when performing the ghost trick to prevent the shape from dispersing too quickly due to fast airflow.
  • You don’t need to capture the ghost immediately after releasing it, as it will maintain its shape for a reasonable time before dissipating.
  • Minimizing movement while inhaling the ghost is advised to avoid ruining your created shape.
  • Advanced ghost vapers often attempt to reduce the size of their mouth opening during inhalation to create a more impressive and slower disappearance of the ghost.


What is the easiest vape trick?

The easiest vape trick for beginners is the ghost vape.

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